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© 2017 by SUBTLE Events LLC.  Photograph Credits: Theresa Montgomery

Your Promise To Your Customers

It's important to make a great first impression, and your brand and logo are often the first thing a customer sees.  We want our guests to be very impressed with yours.  Please help us display your brand and logo in the best light possible by providing us with hi-res copies and any instructions you'd like us to follow as we place you on our social media, pamphlets, presentations, and posters.

We hope our event slips just as perfectly into your story, and we are happy to provide logos and information.  Please see each event's page for the event's logo, mission, and taglines.


Everyone knows the value of a satisfying, compelling story.  Is your culture of giving a part of yours?

You can use your donation and sponsorship to help tell the story of your company, and we would love to help you.  From TED talks to Forbes, the basic ingredients of a good story remain the same:

  • Forget your ABC's - Stick With C​​

Every corporate story needs Curiosity, Characters, Circumstances, Conflict, and Conversation.​  You need to create characters that your customers relate to, circumstances that they understand and obstacles they'll want to root that character through.

  • Start Your Story In the Middle

The best way to engage Curiosity is to place your audience where they didn't expect to be.  Are they suddenly joining a character just like them, right as they're about to face their toughest obstacle?  How did they get here?  How will they face this challenge?  Don't be afraid to be honest - remember that a big mistake is more relatable than a whopping success.  Once your audience is rooting for you, the facts and figures of that success will resonate.

  • Understand the Whole Story Before You Write the First Chapter

It's important to keep in mind the entire arc when choosing your characters, circumstances, and conflict.  Is the promise of your brand continuous growth?  Perhaps consistent and superlative quality?  It's important to know how your character is going to convey that entire story, and to be consistent from page to page, and product to product.  How does your gift demonstrate your brand's primary objective?

If you're not quite sure where to start, we are here to help you craft a wonderful tale.  Just reach out to your Sponsor Point of Contact and we'll be right back in touch with you!

The Right Gift At the Right Time

Do you want to contribute to an event's success, but the produce you'd normally put in your organic baking basket won't be in season?  Or you'd really like to reach out to a specific event's audience, but you've already spent your advertising budget?

There are many ways to help make an event successful, from capital donations to offering up an experience for the silent auction.  If you'd like to be part of the action, but you're not quite sure how, just ask!

Common sponsor gifts include company credit and gift cards, paper supplies, special discounts or coupons, gift baskets, and professional services.  You can also find event-specific requests on a particular event's Sponsor page.  No gesture is too small, and the organization that the event benefits will know that it came from you.

Our Organization Could Use an Event!

SUBTLE Event's founders are constantly on the lookout for organizations here in Middle Tennessee that are going above and beyond to serve our communities, and are spread more than a little too thin.  If your 501(c)3 is interested in working with SUBTLE Events for a fundraising event, please reach out to our founders via the Contact page.

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Sponsors Make the Difference


Find sponsor resources, including each event's sponsorship tiers, sponsor contacts, needed/requested materials, and logistics information.  For specific event information, click the event below:


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