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© 2017 by SUBTLE Events LLC.  Photograph Credits: Theresa Montgomery

An event celebrating Halloween, with a variety show of live performances interspersed with silent auctions and local artisans in Dealer's Alley, all to benefit The Pet Community Center.

We anticipate 325 unique attendees, including families, couples, and young adults there to show off their costumes and enjoy the evening!

We have space for 15 vendors in Dealer's Alley, a dedicated enclosed space with power and wifi available.

Your audience is guaranteed to love animals, the environment, unique clothing, comics, games, books, nibbles, jewelry and gifts, and all things hero and villain.  

Behind the Mask

Hero or villain?

Sponsor Contacts

Korie Hurst-Hendrix

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Promotional Manager



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SUBTLE Events Managing Partner

Nickie White-McBride

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Team Muscle



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SUBTLE Events Managing Partner


Thank you for your support of this event benefiting Pet Community Center!  Since 2014, Pet Community Center has offered low-cost spay/neuter and pet wellness services to pets and community cats in Nashville and neighboring communities.  By offering low-cost care, Pet Community Center breaks down the barriers to high-quality veterinary care, allowing more pets to receive the care they need and deserve.  By meeting pet owner needs, less pets end up in the shelter and dogs and cats are able to stay in their loving homes. Your gift will help them continue this life-saving mission!


You'll receive site analytics including views and clickthroughs.  You'll also receive social media analytics such as clicks, shares, tagging, and likes.

Attendee Engagement

You'll be provided the total number of attendees, so you know how many live pairs of ears you reached.  We will also be providing social media "frames" for selfies in the two Photo Booths, and advertisement space on the frames is also available for the Top Dogs and the Cat's Meow tiers.


After the event, sponsors of every tier will receive a certificate of gratitude as well as a letter explaining the total percentage of your gift that directly reached the Pet Community Center, and what they intend to accomplish thanks to your generosity.

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Theresa Montgomery

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Photographer and Photojournalist



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Team Mediator



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Social Media Sorceress


Silent Auction Donations

We are currently seeking items for the Silent Auctions!  Ideas include:

  • Products, such as toys, games, electronics, books, sports equipment, kitchen appliances and jewelry

  • Gift Arrangements, such as a Wine-Not gift including a picnic basket containing a bottle of wine, a sampler of summer sausages and cheeses, and a gift certificate to a local winery

  • Experiences, such as a gift certificate for a massage, baseball game, or a tandem skydiving jump

  • Professional Services, such as discounts for home improvements, spa treatments, or lawn care

  • Art, such as paintings, sculptures, or books signed by the author

If you're not sure if an item or idea is suitable for the silent auction, please just contact us and ask!

Event Support

One of the realities of holding a fundraising event is the fact that it costs money to raise money.  The venue, consumables such as drinkware and tablecloths, and insurance all add up to take away from the bottom line of the total contribution.  


If you'd like to support the event by contributing consumables or to overhead costs, enabling more of the admissions and silent auction revenue to go where it's needed most, this is your chance to do just that!

Supplies For the Furbabies

First and foremost, this event is to benefit the Pet Community Center and their mission.  They have an Amazon wishlist of supplies they constantly need, including puppy pads, laundry detergent, paper towels, community cat traps, and dog and cat food.  Use the button below to head straight to their Wishlist, and in the Notes section, tell 'em we sent you!

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Venue Access

 The event will run from 6 pm – midnight. 


Vendors and staff will be permitted to stage/store booth items and inventory in secure storage by the loading dock during business hours on October 12th.  All vendors and staff will have building access beginning at 4 pm on Oct. 13th in order to set up in Dealer's Alley.  A freight elevator is available for your use.

All vendors must be completely cleared from the venue by 12:30 am.  Vendors can begin breakdown as early as makes sense for your products and rate of sales.

Booth Costs

The booth/table fee for this event is $100.  There is no percentage of sales being collected at this event.

Dealer's Alley is fully covered and termperature controlled, and has power and wifi available for vendors.  If you do not wish to bring your own booth and table, we can provide 8' rectangular banquet tables for $15 apiece.  You may have two tables in any configuration you wish.  If you choose to use our tables, you must provide a tablecloth or suitable covering to avoid damage to the tables.

Vendor Contacts

Any vendor wishing to participate in the event should submit the name of their business, the types of products sold, and confirm that the space requirements are suitable for any tables/booth items you wish to bring.

Please use this form to submit your information, and a contact from SUBTLE Events will respond shortly.

Two weeks before the event, you will be provided a vendor packet with a map of the venue, day of contact details, and other useful information.


Booth Information